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DSMLTools is the home of the DSML Tools suite, a set of Java utilities for handling Directory Services Markup Language (DSML). It deals with both version 1 and 2. DSML is directory (LDAP) data as XML.

The DSML Tools provide the following capabilities:

  • Querying of any LDAP directory, with search results output as DSML
  • Import of DSML data into any LDAP directory
  • Directory-context validation of DSML (checking for illegal attributes in the entries, etc.)
  • Calculating the differences (for a directory) of two DSML documents

In other words, if you want to manipulate directory data as XML, this software is for you. It makes all LDAP-supporting directories DSML-enabled. In addition to that, it provides the useful function of checking the integrity of generated DSML data, and showing at a glance how two data sets represented as DSML differ. Read more.

The DSML Tools are Free software, and can be downloaded at no charge. I succeed Gervase Markham supporting it. And if you find the DSML Tools useful and want to say a small thankyou, he does have an Amazon wishlist :-) .

  • About - what this software does, and why it's useful.
  • Source - get a source release.
  • Binaries - precompiled binaries - unzip and run (just about).
  • - mirror of missing DSML specs.
  • Dependencies - where to get software required for the DSML Tools.
  • Licensing - Dual MPL/GPL; this link elaborates.
  • Links - a short selection of useful DSML-related links.
  • Documentation - Javadocs.

You still can access the old website here :

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