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Note that this page merely details where to get the software required. Please read the readme (Source, Binary) for detailed installation and patching instructions. If you are using Windows, you'll need the "zip" links. Other platforms will probably want the "tarball" links.

Binary and Source Releases


The DSML Tools have been tested with Java versions 1.3 and 1.4. You can download version 1.4 here. You'll need to go through their web-based interface to get at the download.

Note that the DSML Tools will not work with Java 1.1, because they use some Java 2-specific classes (e.g. HashSet). I see no reason why they wouldn't work with Java SDK 1.2, the first release of Java 2.

Source Release Only

Cygwin (Windows only)

The GNU Tools for Windows (Cygwin) are required to build both Xerces and the Netscape LDAP SDK under Windows. They have a very swish installer, which can be downloaded here.

Building the LDAP SDK under Windows requires some Netscape-specific tools in addition to Cygwin. You can find those here.

Xerces XML Parser

The DSML Tools have been tested with Xerces 2.0.2.

You only need the binary distribution to build or run the DSMLTools. Zip, tarball.

Netscape LDAP SDK

The DSML Tools have been tested with the Netscape LDAP SDK version 4.1. This is a source release. Zip, tarball.


You don't need to download the GNU Getopt library for Java, because binaries and source are both included in the distribution already. However, for completeness, it lives here.

I would appreciate reports of whether the DSML Tools work with other versions of any of these dependencies.

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