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General Overview

My project writeup about the DSML Tools contains a general overview of the technologies, a description of the software and detailed description of some of the key bits of code.

End User Documentation

README-src (Current source release).
README-bin (Current binary release).

Both of the above include the installation instructions, if you wish to review them before downloading a package. There is currently no other user documentation - however, the help (the -? command line switch, or in the Javadoc, or in the Functional Specification) should explain most things.

Hacking Documentation

Known bug list
Javadoc for the DSML Tools codebase.
Functional Specification - also useful as a user manual of sorts.
Design Document - a very high-level guide to the internals.

However, the code is extremely well commented - the best thing to do if you want to hack on it is read the Javadoc, then read the code itself.

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